Dr.Hauschka Med

Teeth are not just an expression of our vitality, but of our internal development. When a child's permanent teeth come in, it is an important step on the path to adulthood.

Protection for tooth enamel

An alkaline environment in the mouth protects our tooth enamel. It may be the hardest substance in our bodies, but it is vulnerable to acids, which cause demineralisation by dissolving magnesium and calcium compounds. Remineralising dental care can help the weakened tooth enamel. Aesculin from horse chestnuts also restores the healthy balance of the saliva. The effectiveness of fluorides, on the other hand, has been disputed. In the case of children, one must be especially careful when administering fluoride, which stimulates bone-forming cells. Excessive doses can cause bones to harden, thereby hampering the growth process.