Dr.Hauschka Med

The skin allows the soul to breathe and feel. You could almost say that one sees clearly only with the heart – but the skin is what we use to grasp the world around us.

Skin States

Normal skin

Skin appears fresh, velvety, rosy, firm, has fine pores, is not sensitive, minimally oily T-zone, no skin blemishes

Dry, moisture-depleted skin

Fine pores, dry skin, premature wrinkling, skin feels taut, tends to look pale

Sensitive skin

Red, blotchy, thin skin. Possibly accompanied by permanently red cheek/nose region (visible capillaries), itching, flakiness

Combination skin

T-zone with skin blemishes, large pores, oily; cheeks dry

Greasy, blemished skin

Large pores, oily appearance

Mature skin

Skin with declining elasticity, wrinkles, increasing tendency to dryness, possibly with constantly red cheek/nasal region (visible capillaries), thin skin, irregular pigmentation (due to menopause, age spots)