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The skin allows the soul to breathe and feel. You could almost say that one sees clearly only with the heart – but the skin is what we use to grasp the world around us.

Skin Care

As the protective covering of the body, the human skin is exposed to external and internal influences that can weaken it. This can result in unbalanced reactions such as dryness, lack of moisture or overproduction of oil, as well as premature aging. Good skin care products, such as those from Dr.Hauschka Skin Care, help the skin to regenerate. Dr.Hauschka Skin Care regards these changing skin conditions as transient skin profiles and does not divide the skin into types. Dr.Hauschka Normalizing Day Oil, for example, helps to restore natural balance to oily, blemished skin. Given sufficient oil, the skin learns to regulate sebum production of its own accord. A clear, natural complexion results.

Sometimes special care is needed

When the protective function of the skin is impaired, this can point to a violation of emotional boundaries. The skin becomes very dry, which can cause it to grow itchy, red and flaky. When this happens, it is important to provide the skin with fortifying care, for example by using Dr.Hauschka Med Skin products, to boost its natural resistance and alleviate itching.