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What can I do? Hints and tips from A to Z


At the same time, synthetic substances and even certain detergents can irritate extremely dry skin. Test different textiles to see what type of fibres are best for your skin, and make sure to rinse your clothing well after washing. Cotton, silk and linen are usually the least irritating to the skin.


If you suffer from very dry skin or dermatitis, you should make sure to get enough exercise and eat a healthy, balanced diet. There is not, however, a recommended treatment that applies to everyone. Around 30 percent of the people who suffer from dermatitis are allergic to certain foods or other substances. For this reason, it is often important to be tested for allergies.

Prevent Stress

Learn different techniques to prevent stress. Therapeutic eurhythmy, a type of kinesiotherapy used to restore the balance of power within the body, is one effective method.

Skin Care Products

You should not use skin and facial care products that contain synthetic ingredients and fragrances. Experience has shown that skin care products that contain natural essential oils are extremely unlikely to trigger an allergic reaction, and therefore are highly suitable for use by allergy sufferers.

Skin Diary

Our skin reflects the way we live. There are many triggers that can cause the skin to become dry or irritated. One way to identify these triggers is by keeping a diary. Make a note of what you have eaten, the clothing you have worn, what skin care products you have used, your activities and things that have caused you stress – and, of course, write down how your skin felt.


To protect the skin from the cold you need to wear warm clothing. But then you often find that you start to sweat when you go indoors. Body sweat causes itching and can trigger eczema. So use the layer principle and wear several thin, breathable layers of clothing on top of each other.

In winter, placing a humidifier in closed rooms is a good way to prevent the skin from further drying out.