Our commitment: scientifically proven effectiveness.

The effectiveness and tolerability of all Dr. Hauschka and Dr.Hauschka Med products are carefully tested prior to market launch. The scope of the scientific tests is particularly demanding when it comes to products that form part of Dr.Hauschka Med’s systematic medical care. Annette Greco, pharmacist and Head of the Galenic Development department at WALA Heilmittel GmbH reveals what the trials entail and what has to be considered.

Ms Greco, why do you have tests conducted on Dr.Hauschka Med products?

As a general rule, all stated effects of cosmetics have to be proven. However, there are no precise specifications as to how this must happen. At Dr. Hauschka, we take these tests very seriously: every single product is tested for effectiveness and tolerability. These tests aren’t about individual active ingredients but about the products as a whole, i.e. the overall composition. We are committed to the highest standards in this regard as we want to do justice to our customers and their needs.

How do you plan the trials for the Dr.Hauschka Med products?

We develop the trial design in cooperation with the independent test institutes – and have to take all sorts of things into consideration when doing so. Firstly, we ask ourselves who the product is intended for. What needs do these people have and what is the condition of their skin? We then consider how we can optimally record and prove the expectations on the product under real usage conditions. Next, we determine how many test subjects we need for the trial and how long the trial should last in order for us to obtain reliable results.

What criteria do you use when selecting the test institutes?

The Dr.Hauschka Med trials are special. We often stray from the beaten track and ask questions that aren’t posed in other trials. The institute has to be inquisitive and willing to go along with us. Of course, it also has to have the scientific expertise and technical equipment needed to conduct high-level trials. It’s also very important for it to have contact with the potential test subjects. This explains why many of our test institutes are university hospitals.

You said that the Dr.Hauschka Med trials are special. What exactly do you mean?

Firstly, our products are aimed at certain people. For example, atopic dermatitis sufferers, i.e. people with particularly dry and sensitive skin. Often that also includes infants and young children. We want our products to meet their specific needs. We believe that it is important for our products to be tested by the people they have been made for as these are the real experts. We also test whether our products are pleasant to use, whether they lead to noticeable improvements (including of users’ quality of life) and whether they fit into people’s everyday lives. Users have to be able to experience and notice the effectiveness. This is unusual for clinical trials. We want to look beyond the skin alone and regard people holistically.

How is a Dr.Hauschka Med trial structured? Can you explain with an example?

The University of Freiburg Medical Centre has analysed the effectiveness and tolerability of Dr.Hauschka Med Acute Care Potentilla in recent trials1. This cream has been developed for people with very dry skin or atopic dermatitis who are experiencing a phase involving areas of reddened, itchy skin that get easily irritated. The cream was used by 12 children and 12 adults twice a day for two weeks – with measurable and tangible success. In addition, a placebo-controlled double-blind trial involving 40 adult testers was also conducted. The university recently published the impressive results. We were extremely pleased with these as they showed that the cream fully lived up to its task, namely to effectively support the skin just before an acute phase and reduce initial redness. It has also been made clear that users can actually experience the scientifically measurable effect – and that is the greatest reward we could want for our work!

It sounds like your trials are very time-consuming. How long does the whole process take and what do users think about this?

In the case of Acute Care Potentilla, it took two years from the initial idea to the publication of the results! However, this time is very well spent as it enables our customers to rest assured that our products are effective, offer good tolerability and meet the latest standards.

1 Hoffmann J., Wölfle U., Schempp C., Casetti F.: Tannins from Potentilla officinalis display anti-inflammatory effects in the UV erythema test and on atopic skin. JDDG 2016; 14(9):917–923.