Mandelöl – Prunus dulcis

Specially formulated for very dry skin

The outer layer of skin cells, the epidermis, is protected by different types of amino acids produced by the body, which lie on and between the cells. They bond the cells together and prevent the body from losing too much moisture from the surface of the skin (transepidermal water loss). The more closely externally applied moisturisers and oils correspond to the amino acids found in human skin, the more effective they are in supporting its natural protective functions. This is why Dr.Hauschka Med Skin products contain a combination of different natural oils that are very similar to those of the human skin. This moisturising, creamy foundation has a threefold effect: it is not only absorbed readily by the skin, it also provides additional protection for the epidermis without leaving behind a greasy film:

  • One part of the oils is absorbed very quickly
  • A second is gradually absorbed after the product has been applied to the skin
  • The third remains on the skin's surface and protects it