Ice Plant

Processed gently: freshly pressed juice of the ice plant

The ice plant is at the heart of Dr.Hauschka Med Skin products. WALA Heilmittel GmbH has developed a special manufacturing process in order to make optimal use of the substances it contains.

The ice plant has a special characteristic that makes it the ideal base for our Dr.Hauschka Med Skin products for sensitive and hypersensitive skin. Some of its components are similar to a substance found in human skin that binds moisture – the natural moisturising factor (NMF). Since this moisturising substance found in the ice plant is sensitive to heat, WALA Heilmittel GmbH had to find a way to process the plant. The solution: our juice-pressing process. Here, the juices are pressed out of the fresh plants immediately after they are harvested. The process is basically the same as using a juicer to make fresh orange juice, which is so flavourful because it retains all of the valuable ingredients that are found in the flesh of the fruit.

Even though the ice plant grows in the desert, its rich, deep-green juice has the intensive fragrance of an ocean breeze. Among other factors, this is due to its high salt content. Salt helps the ice plant to absorb and bind moisture from the air – one of its tricks for surviving in the dry climate.

The ice plant juice is filtered with special filters to ensure its stability. The result is an undiluted juice that contains all of the plant's original substances – even those that are heat sensitive – and therefore retains the ice plant’s full beneficial properties. A unique approach.

Damit der Mittagsblumensaft stabil bleibt, wird er mit speziellen Filtern filtriert. Das Ergebnis ist ein unverdünnter Saft, der sämtliche Substanzen – auch die hitzelabilen – und damit die volle Wirkkraft der Mittagsblume enthält. Das ist einmalig.