Ice Plant

Interview with pharmacist Annette Greco

Annette Greco is head of the department for the Galenic development of WALA Medicines and Dr.Hauschka Med products.

Dr.Hauschka Med: What made you decide to use the ice plant in the development of products?

Annette Greco: The key factor was the unusual substances it contains. We partnered with Ernst-Moritz-Arndt University in Greifswald and performed extensive tests in WALA's analytics department, resulting in an exciting discovery. We found compounds in the ice plant that are related to substances that the human skin generates to protect itself from dryness. Extremely dry skin lacks these natural moisturising substances.

How were you able to harness the ice plant’s moisturising substances for use in skin care products?

We developed a juice-pressing process that allows us to handle the plant gently, retaining all of its beneficial properties.

How was this knowledge applied to the creation of the ice plant skin care products?

With the help of the ice plant, we were able to develop skin care products that not only moisturise the skin, but also – when used regularly – restore the skin’s natural ability to retain moisture.

How does the skin re-learn to moisturise itself?

The new products strengthen the skin, enabling it to protect itself against adverse external conditions. In order to alleviate dry skin and the accompanying symptoms, it is necessary to restore the natural balance of moisture and oil in the skin.

A balance that also forms the basis of Dr.Hauschka Med Skin products …

That’s right. We have created a sophisticated system of moisture (pressed ice plant juice) on the one hand and high-grade plant oil compounds and lanolin on the other – a combination that is similar to the natural fat composition of human skin.

And this means that the cream and lotion do not feel sticky.

Correct. Although the lotion and cream are very rich, they are neither heavy nor unpleasantly greasy. They still leave the skin feeling protected and enveloped – and this enveloping protection is what hypersensitive skin often lacks.

Have you tested the effectiveness of the products on dry skin?

Yes. The final step in the development of the two skin care products was performing several tests on more than 250 external test persons, including children and people with hypersensitive skin. The products were applied and evaluated; the tests were supervised by dermatologists. Such testing is common for cosmetic products. However, the extensive nature of these tests reflected our standards for special skin care products.

What did the tests show about the effectiveness of the products?

All tests confirmed the very good moisturising effects and tolerability; the skin was left feeling very good. The results actually exceeded our expectations. They prove that our Ice Plant Body Care Lotion and Ice Plant Intensive Cream are outstanding products for both adults and children with very dry and hypersensitive skin.