Dr.Hauschka Med Fortifying Mint Toothpaste, Sensitive Saltwater Toothpaste and Sage Mouthwash are all free from surfactants


Surfactants (cleansing, foam-forming substances) reduce the surface tension of water. Dirt consequently comes into better contact with the water and can be removed from surfaces more easily. The oral mucosa has a particularly sensitive surface. Its exterior does not have a thick protective layer of dead skin cells like our face or body. Surfactants, such as sodium lauryl sulphate, can therefore irritate sensitive gums. Injuries can occur more quickly, allowing external substances to penetrate the oral mucosa. This can result in inflamed gums.

The ideal way of optimally cleaning the sensitive mouth area is therefore mechanical brushing supported by fine abrasives such as the silica or white clay found in Dr.Hauschka Med Toothpastes. This keeps the gums healthy and close to the teeth. Supplemented with carefully selected medicinal plants, all Dr.Hauschka Med dental care products foster healthy gums and a balanced, stable oral flora – ideal for preventing plaque and inflamed gums.