Systematic medical skin care for very dry skin and atopic dermatitis

Always the right care

For Dr.Hauschka Med, systematic medical skin care means meeting the changing demands of the skin with professional care. The solution: products for Basic, Intensive and Acute skin care. They offer better quality of life, which is noticeable even after the first application.

Dr.Hauschka Med systematic skin care

Basic skin care: even during everyday skin care, it is crucial to fortify the skin’s natural barrier function and reduce tautness in order to prevent itchiness.

Intensive skin care: if areas of the skin become unbalanced, sensitive parts of the face, the crook of the arm or the hollow of the knee begin to itch, Intensive skin care then moisturises and reduces itchiness.

Acute skin care: in case of redness and itchiness, the key is a soothing skin care that reduces itchiness. The new Acute Care Potentilla helps irritated skin to relax quickly.