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Benefit Dance for the Alzheimer’s Foundation

Proceeds from the Eric Gauthier Benefit Dance Gala for the Alzheimer’s Foundation go to the Alzheimer Gesellschaft Baden-Wurttemberg e.V.

Every year, Theaterhaus Stuttgart’s celebrated dance ensemble “Gauthier Dance” succeeds in bringing together many ensembles from across Germany and Europe to perform in Stuttgart.

The benefit gala focuses on Alzheimer’s disease: “By 2020 around 10 million people in western Europe will be suffering from Alzheimer’s disease. With my Gala I hope to draw attention to Alzheimer’s and the dementia syndrome,” says Eric Gauthier, choreograph and artistic director of “Gauthier Dance”.

Through its sponsorship the WALA Medicines brand supports Eric Gauthier’s efforts and also draws attention to the importance of holistic care for dementia sufferers.

For further information go to:
Dance gala for the benefit of Alzheimer’s research