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Nowhere else are the physical and the emotional so closely interwoven as in the skin. In our lips, especially, we can sense a hint of the soul.

What can I do for dry lips and cold sores?

The sun, wind and extreme temperatures put a strain on our sensitive lips. They dry out, and the corners of the mouth may become cracked. In addition, many of us are familiar with the sensation of tingling or tightness which often precedes a cold sore. These blisters that appear on or around the lips can be very painful and sometimes rupture. Dr.Hauschka Med Labimint Acute Lip Care cools and soothes the lips.

Providing our delicate lips with intensive care with products such as those from the Dr.Hauschka lip care range can make them more resistant to environmental influences. When sufficiently moisturised, the skin of the lips remains supple and does not chap or crack. Where the sun is particularly strong, for example near the ocean or in the mountains, a cream containing a strong sunscreen will protect against the dehydrating effects of UV rays. Eating well and getting enough exercise and sleep keep your body healthy and make you more resistant to stress. And this keeps your lips healthy, too.

Laughter is also good for your lips. It stretches the skin of the lips, which keeps it supple and reduces the danger of dryness and cracking.