Dr.Hauschka Med

WALA Heilmittel GmbH at a glance

  • founded in 1935 in Ludwigsburg by Dr. Rudolf Hauschka
  • sole company location at present: Bad Boll/Eckwälden near Stuttgart
  • foundation-owned company since 1986 (WALA Foundation)
  • More than 800 employees
  • develops and manufactures three brands of products designed to address the whole person
  • exports to more than 30 countries on all continents
  • WALA Medicines since 1935: more than 1000 different remedies conforming to the anthroposophic understanding of man and nature
  • Dr.Hauschka Skin Care since 1967: certified Natural Skin Care with more than 100 different products for facial care, body care and hair care as well as a range of decorative cosmetics
  • Dr.Hauschka Med since 2009: natural special care products crafted to meet specific needs
  • Biodynamic WALA medicinal herb garden complying with Demeter standards
  • supports biodynamic farming projects throughout the world
  • has developed an original rhythmic manufacturing process to obtain aqueous plant extracts which remain stable without the use of alcohol – the fundamental concept behind our production
  • important manufacturing steps performed manually, with attentive awareness and gentle treatment of the raw materials
  • active in environmental protection, for example EMAS (eco-management and audit scheme) certification, environmental management system, hydroelectric power
  • social commitment, for example to families' and women’s needs, profit-linked bonus schemes